Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Fucking My Sexy Student Ashima

Hi guys! I’m Raj name changed from Chandigarh. I’m an avid reader of ISS from past 6 years. The stories of teacher student sex have fascinated me every time. I’m 20 year old and I’m in 3rd year of my Eng, 5’10” tall, slim not so muscular but fit and a tool of 8″. I belong to a middle class family. Please forbid any mistake as it’s my first time I’m writing story here.
Now let’s come to the story enough about me during my first year I came to know that few of my friends teach tuitions after college. I also decided to do that but 1.5 years passed away but couldn’t do so. Then one day during some discussion one of my friends told me about home tuitions and gave me a number in order to contact and join that institute for tuitions. During my 4th sem.
I joined that institute and started receiving messages regarding various tuitions near my locality. One day I received a sms regarding a tuition which was very near to my home and the timings were also suitable to me. I grabbed that tuition and contacted the institute and asked to them for the tuition. The very next day I went to the tuitions. I rang the bell and was waiting for it to be opened.
A lady opened I thought her to be elder sis of my student as I knew she was in 10th class but I was shocked to know that she is her mother. She had maintained herself so well. Not an extra flesh sexy body and her ass was just wow. Any guy would die for that her figure was 34 26 36. You guys can imagine how sexy she was. A lot about her lets back to story.
She called her daughter Ashima name changed and I was shocked to see her too. She didn’t look like to be a 10 th class girl she was so hot. She had an sexy figure 32 24 32 no doubts from where she got her assess from. The family was an army family. Ashima’s father use to be out of town mostly. He used to come in 6 months or in year. Tuitions started I used to teach her maths daily in evening.
We both use to sit in one room and no one use to disturb us during that. For one hour we both use to be alone in starting nothing happened it was a regular coaching ya brushing her boobs thro’ my elbow touching them accidently peeping them while she use to bent was there. One day when arrived her home I came to know her mom is not at home. She had joined a gym which I think she didn’t need that.
I was so happy as we both used to be all alone in the home. I saw a change In her she was wearing a very tight top showing her boobs perfectly and a mini skirt just covering her ass. I was so aroused and had a hard on it was so difficult for me to control. My bulge was visible thru my jeans. She gave me a naughty smile. I was so confused about what’s going in her mind.
She had also opened top three buttons of her top which was making her boobs clearly visible. She wasn’t wearing bra and I was so shocked. I was getting out of control. I asked her lets go to the room and study. She brought me water and when she went to give me that I could see her whitish boobs completely and her pink nipples too. I couldn’t take my eyes of that.
I drink water and asked her to sit instead of sitting on the chair she sat on my lap just over my dick and moved her ass. I don’t know I got lip locked with her and my hands were over boobs, pressing them hard when I got senses I broke the kiss, took my hands off and said to her that it’s wrong we shouldn’t be doing this and though I hardly wanted it. She said from the very first day.
I have a crush on you and I know you also want to fuck me hard. So don’t waste time on this bullshit and fuck my cunt with your huge monster and take my virginity as it was my first time also so I was bit nervous too. She came towards me opened up her shirt and boobs popped in front of me and they were so lovely white pink nipples not so round but perfect.
I lost my control and attacked over her boobs and took them in my mouth. I took her left boob in my mouth and started pressing other with my hand. She left out a soft moan and said me sir be patient I’m all yours don’t be so hungry. I took her in my arms and dropped her on the bed. She was lying half naked with her boobs inviting me. I removed my t shirt and lied over her.
I placed my lips over hers and started sucking them hard. Her lips were so juicy. Our tongues were playing with each other and exploring each other’s mouth. We broke the kiss after 5 minutes and my little john was getting really impatient in my jeans. I moved down now to her neck when I kissed her there she moaned sexily then I moved down to her boobs. I took her left boob again in my mouth and started sucking it softly and started pressing other with my hand.
She was moaning while I was doing this. I was pinching her nipples between my two fingers and biting her other nipple making it red. She was moaning hard by sir aahhh sir please keep doing it. I love you sir. This was making me hornier and started chewing her melons hard made them red. I switched to her another boob and did the same to them.
I switched to her boobs after sometime and kept doing that for 15 minutes. She was completely restless. Now I moved down to her navel and started rolling my tongue around her navel. Now I moved down and removed her skirt. She lifted her ass up and removed it. Now with my teeth and I removed her panty. She was lying completely naked on the bed.
She was looking like an angel. Her pussy was completely shaved. Wow man what a beauty she was. Now I moved down to her feet and and kissed her feet. Then I moved up and kissed her sexy legs then I moved to her thighs and inserted my head in between her pussy. I licked the juice from her thighs and then started licking her pussy with my tongue.
She was completely restless and was moaning hard. I was licking her pussy hard and have also inserted my middle finger in her pussy and was fucking her hard with my tongue and finger. She was moaning aahhhh yaaaaaa yes keep doing it! I increased my speed she pressed my head inside her pussy with her hand I cam e to know she is about to come and I was ready for that she came out with a large moan and I drank her juice.
It was salty but delicious after that I moved up and kissed her juicy lips. Now she asked me to stand up and I did. She went on her knees and opened my jeans button and then the zip and removed my jeans. The bulge was clearly visible thru my jockey. She removed my underwear with her teeth. She was shocked to see my 8″ dick and said me sir u got a real monster inside there.
She took my dick in her hand and started playing with it. Her hands were arousing me and then suddenly she took it in her mouth and started giving me blow job. I was shocked over her this ct and she was doing it so perfectly. I had lost in some other world and she kept giving me blow job. I was moaning hard and was about to cum. She sensed that and increased her speed and I came right in her mouth.
She smiled and gulped all of my cum. She cleaned my dick and had all my cum. Now we both were tired and we lied on the bed and were in each other’s arms. We started kissing each other after few minutes my dick again got hard on was ready for the main work. She felt my dick and said sir are you ready to fuck your sexy student and I smiled at her and said yes.
I made her lie on the bed and moved over her placed a pillow under her waist and raised her legs and placed my dick on her pussy said are you ready. She smiled and said yes sir and winked towards me. I gave a push in her pussy due to slipperiness my dick got in but she screamed hard and started saying please move it out sir its paining I can’t bear it.
I moved down and started kissing her and pressing her boobs softly after few in she got normal and started moving her ass I sensed that and gave anther push and half of dick got in. she screamed much harder and started pushing me away but held her tight and kissed her lips after few minutes she became normal. I was felling some resistance in pushing my dick in.
I gave much harder push and my dick entered in her. She screamed out loud ooohh fuck!! I’m killed please take it out u jerk. Fad daloge kya meri please move it out. I kept my dick in and started moving slowly. She became normal after few strokes and started moving her as with my strokes. I had slowly increased my speed. Now she was enjoying it and started saying yes fuck me hard yes tear my pussy apart.
Fuck me and I started giving her hard jerks and I was fucking her hard. She was moaning her moans were making me hornier. I was fucking her hard now. I was about to come so was she. Her nails had indulged so badly in my back but I had no senses but was fucking her. She had her legs around my ass and pushing me in. I was fucking her and was near to cum so was she and we both came at the same time with a large moan.
I just got exhausted and lied over her and we both were breathing hard and then I kissed her and I saw the time and it was 2 hrs we been doing that. I asked her to dress up as her mom was about to come and me also had to go home. I kissed her and they got dressed up and so did she and then we settle the room. I kissed her again while leaving and pressed her boobs. So friends how did you like my story.